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Exosex SPTab, the environmentally-friendly, zero residue moth control system, has just been launched in Italy by Hi-Pro-Chem.

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Developed in the UK by Exosect, a leading provider of Intelligent Pest Management (IPM) solutions, Exosex SPTab is an organic compliant,
non-chemical solution which, when used as part of an IPM program, offers retailers and consumers safe, high quality food with reduced pesticide residues.

At the recent ANID conference held in Paestum, Italy, details about this new product were on display at the OSD Ecotech Group and Hi-Pro-Chem stand. As Paolo Guerra, managing director explained: “At Hi-Pro-Chem we are delighted to be able to offer our customers the unique benefits provided by Exosex SPTab. The product offers 24/7 pest reduction protection in all food processing areas. It is ideal in those specific situation where it is not possible to use traditional chemical products, such as in organic food production facilities or where-ever a more ‘green’ approach is required.”

Exosex SPTab comprises of a small tablet consisting of Exosect’s Entostat powder formulated with minute quantities of the female sex pheromone common to five of the major moth pests of food processing -Plodia interpunctella ,Ephestia elutella, Ephestia kuehniella, Ephestia figulilella, Cadra cautella .

The Exosex SPTab tablet works by attracting male moths to the Entostat powder and female pheromone. As the male moths pick up the Entostat pheromone powder, their pheromone receptors become overloaded, resulting in them being unable to locate females. A male carrying Entostat powder will form a mobile pheromone dispenser, producing ‘false’ pheromone trails, which attracts additional males.

Contact between the males ensures that the Entostat powder and the confusion effect is automatically passed on, in a process called auto-confusion. The result is a state of sexual confusion amongst the male moth population leading to effective mating disruption. This product helps food processors to reduce and/or eliminate insecticide sprays and, consequently, reduce subsequent down-time in production associated with fumigation and spray regimes.

Martin Brown, managing director at Exosect, explained: “Pesticides in stored product food factories have traditionally taken the form of fumigation or spray processes. However, we believe that there will be increasing consumer pressure to add to the regulatory pressure on retailers, suppliers and manufacturers to use residue free pest management solutions.

“Insightful manufacturers will not simply succumb to change but will lead in the challenge of pesticide reduction management. By focusing on a move towards zero residue, the industry could revolutionise the way in which it manages the protection of products into the future. Exosex SPTab represents a first step in intelligent and informed pesticide management.”

To find out more about Exosex SPTab in Italy – click here.

Paolo Guerra
Welcoming SPTab to Italy –
Paolo Guerra of Hi-Pro-Chem

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