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GEA, the well known Italian manufacturer of pest control products, was founded in Milan, Italy more than 20 years ago. The organisation began life as a pest control servicing company.

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In the early 1990s the business was focused on the food industries, in particular the main ones in Italy and across Europe, such as Barilla, Nestlá©, Cameo etc. At the same time the company began to move its core business away from pest control servicing to the production of glue traps for professional users. The manufacturing facilities available combined with the knowledge of the pest control market made it possible in 2000 for the owner of GEA to take the risk of selling the servicing company and so concentrate on the manufacturing of pest glue traps.

GEA has since spent much time and effort refining glue traps, particularly with the use of new ingredients to improve the spreading of glue onto different materials. This has allowed GEA to become the leader in rat and mouse glue traps in Europe.

The company has also expanded its business with the development and production of a range of pheromone products ideal for use in food areas for the control of stored product insects.

Today, GEA proudly manufacturers a range of functional yet quality products, all designed with good appearance in mind. These products are available either with GEA branding, or they can be customised for individual clients. A great advantage is not only customisation of the packaging but also the glue traps themselves, as every size, shape and design can be produced.

From many years GEA can boast a green awareness for its products. The raw materials used for the glue traps are totally recyclable to avoid any pollution caused by the indifference of some producers. GEA has already understood the importance of the environment and is prepared to face up to the new ecological needs of their clients.

Thanks to all the years of experience, GEA is now the perfect supplier to meet the demands of all its PCO and distributor clients. A new development within the last year is the introduction of a range of retail products.

GEA is active not only in Italy, but also within Europe, and all EEC countries. The company is a regular attendee at conferences and exhibitions outside Italy.

GEA at Paestum
As seen at the ANID conference in Paestum. Adriano Braghieri (left), general sales manger, with Roberto Nasuelli, technical manager

Production facilities
GEA manufacturing facilities

With in-house research capability

Part of the range of GEA functional, well designed and yet effective products.

Easy trap Book Rat GeoGel

To find out more about the company and its products, visit their website – click here.

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