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GAT Omega – a new broad-spectrum insecticide based on the active ingredient, abamectin, has been launched by Hockley International. GAT Omega is ideal for the control of a wide range of flying and crawling insect pests.

A new active to combat insect resistance

GAT Omega is a Capsule Suspension (CS) formulation based on the active ingredient abamectin. The only product of its kind on the market, GAT Omega offers effective control and kill of flying and crawling insect pests such as flies, cockroaches, bed bugs, red mites, litter beetles and grain weevils.

This new addition to the product range is also something of a first for the pest control industry explains Hockley. For many years insecticides have been based on actives from the pyrethroid group of chemicals, and where over-use has occurred, resistance has built-up in certain species.

The active ingredient in GAT Omega is abamectin which belongs to the avermectin group of insecticides. It has both acaricidal and insecticidal properties. Many insects have had very limited exposure to this group, so have no known resistance. Hockley feels this new product will offer pest controllers a suitable alternative against difficult flying and crawling pests, where other products may have become less effective.

  GAT Omega

Slow release formulation
The slow release of the active in GAT Omega means insects that do not initially come into contact with the active during application, pick-up a lethal does once they start to become active.

GAT Omega as a 1.0% solution has an efficacy of over 98% after 60 days in poultry premises tested for red mites (Dermanyssus gallinae) and in livestock premises for flies (Musca domestica).

Hockley will also be launching a ready-to-use version of the product also based on abamectin with approval for amateur use during the summer.

What are Capsule Suspensions?
CS formulations are manufactured by an emulsification process of oil in water, creating a capsule containing active ingredient similar to the principle of an eggshell. The capsule size and the thickness of the walls can be varied in the manufacturing process to allow slow, medium and fast release to give both immediate and longer lasting residual efficacy.

Hockley also offers products based on the actives lambda-cyhalothrin (GAT Lambda) and deltamethrin (GAT Daleth) as CS formulations.


How they work
Active ingredient is released from the capsules at different stages after application as a result of disruption exposing the active ingredient. The chemical is released either immediately to the intended environment, or by way of diffusion through the pores of the capsule wall, where the active has controlled release over a longer period of time.


GAT Omega is available through Hockley Internationals exclusive distributor to the pest control market – SX Environmental.

Or for further information contact Hockley here.

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