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New Protect-a-Bed bedding encasement system exclusively distributed by Killgerm. Independently laboratory tested and scientifically proven to be bedbug entry, exit and bite proof.

The Aller-Zip Smooth mattress encasement manufactured by Protect-A-Bed ensures the mattress is completely encased. This eliminates any cracks and crevices and is brilliant white in colour therefore aiding in the early detection of bedbugs.

The Aller-Zip Smooth mattress encasement

Aller-Zip mattress encasement is rugged and effective and made from smooth polyester fabric. It is stitched using reinforced French seams and comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Quick to use, the Aller-Zip mattress encasement is chemical free whilst also cool and comfortable to sleep on.

It safeguards bedding as it:

  • Protects new bedding and salvages infested bedding ;
  • Is bedbug entry, exit and bite proof;
  • Increases time between re-infestations;
  • Aids in the early detection of bedbugs;
  • Decreases the scope of the re-infestation;
  • Saves time on-site addressing the bedding meaning lower labour costs;
  • Saves time, allows for more and bigger bedbug jobs.


Whole matress

Keep bedbugs at bay with Protect-A-Bed”s Aller-Zip Smooth mattress encasement distributed exclusively by Killgerm

For further details click here. Available in single to superking bed sizes.

Exclusively distributed by Killgerm.


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