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There was a party spirit on the Kness Mfg Co Inc stand, as this year the company is celebrating its 90th anniversary and is now a leader in the worldwide pest control market place.

Happy anniversary Kness

Founded in 1924, Kness Mfg remains a family owned company supplying the world with innovative products.

How the company began
It all started with one style of multiple-catch mousetrap – a wind-up live capture mousetrap (Ketch-All) that was designed to remove mice from the school where the company’s founder was a custodian.

Since then Kness has continued to build its product list to what is now a comprehensive line of pest control traps, with an emphasis in mouse and rat traps, which are now sold world-wide.

One of the most popular traps now is the Pro-Ketch multiple catch mousetrap, which has earned itself the title of ‘the world’s best mousetrap’. The Snap-E mousetrap is equally popular as it is easy to bait, set and release as well as easy to clean. And it is purpose-built to use with the new non-toxic Nara lure.

The quality construction of all their traps has made Kness products a great fit for pest control operators and homeowners.

Made in the USA
Every trap is hand-checked for quality construction prior to shipment to customers with many of the products still made it the USA. In a time when competition has been looking for ways to cut costs (including moving manufacturing of products overseas), Kness is committed to keeping production in their local communities.

Community contribution
One example of this is their use of vocational rehabilitation centres in the area to help produce our Snap-E mousetraps. This arrangement allows folks who may not be able to work in a more traditional setting earn a pay check so that they feel like more of a part of the community.


 Pro-Ketch multiple catch mousetrap
The Pro-Ketch multiple catch mousetrap has
earned itself the title of ‘the world’s best mousetrap’

Easy to use – the Snap-E mousetrap

The Kness team at PestWorld. Left to right: James Hayward, Amanda Harlan, Kathy Kness Wauson (owner),
Paul Yu (managing director), Nick Fugate, Mike Goza and Tabi Meredith

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