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Digrain C40 WP from Lodi-UK, containing 40% cypermethrin, is a new and highly effective wettable powder with proven long term residual activity. It can be used against a wide range of crawling and flying insects in a large variety of domestic and industrial situations.
Easy to use
Diagrain C40 WP from Lodi-UK comes formulated as a 40% cypermethrin wettable powder and is available in three different pack sizes to suit every need.

First on the market – new mini sachet
As well as coming in larger sizes, Lodi has now introduced a 2g mini soluble sachet. This is a new idea in the market and is great for those ‘small jobs’ where only a small amount of made-up spray is required.

The 2g sachets are easy to carry, easy to use and only make up 1 litre of spray, so none is likely to be left over or wasted. So very cost effective.

C40 Wp Sachets For Web
The mini 2g water dispersible sachets are packed 20 to a pot
C40 Wp Tub For Web

For larger scale use
Digrain C40 WP also comes in a 500g tub, with its own 10g scoop to ensure accurate measuring and the correct amount used. 10g of product makes five litres of spray for routine treatments.

Alternatively, a 10g dose can be bought, ready to add to your sprayer, in a water soluble sachet, 15 handy sachets to a box.  

For heavy infestations, particularly of crawling insects, double the rate (20g) is recommended for clean-out situations.

C40wp 500G For Web

The 500g tub of wettable powder comes with measuring spoon

C40wp Packshot For Web
10g sachets, 15 to a box

Wide range of insect pests
Digrain C40 WP can be used for the control of crawling insects such as cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, silverfish, ants, woodlice, millipedes and centipedes. In trials C40 gave 100% long term mortality.

It is also ideal for flying insects such as wasps, mosquitoes and flies.

Wide range of application locations
As detailed on the product label, it can be used in and around domestic and industrial establishments. These include hospitals, military areas, slaughter houses, refuse tips, dustbins etc.

It can also be used on soft furnishings plus hard horizontal and vertical surfaces where pests may rest.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Lodi on Tel: 01384 404 242 or [email protected]

Lodi TeamThe Lodi UK team celebrating with Digrain C40 WP at PPC Live


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