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New to the UK market and on show at PestTech was Black Pearl – a new mouse bait formulation containing micro-encapsulated alphachloralose.

Innovative and fast-acting mouse killers

This new addition of the pin head oat bait formulation follows-on from the great sucess of the paste bait formulation launched last autumn. 

With the Black Pearl formulations, Lodi has used modern and patented micro-encapsulation technology – a process by which the active ingredient molecule is surrounded, or coated, with a continuous film of polymeric material.

This means, the encapsulation of the alphachloralose ensures that a mouse can neither taste nor sense the active ingredient and so will very quickly consume a lethal dose. It is effective in all temperature extremes.

Once the bait is eaten, mice will be seen to die within minutes.

Black Pearl is the only bait available in the UK which does not contain an anticoagulant-based active ingredient. It works in a very different manner, as the mice are immobilised nearly instantly and then drift into a coma, followed by death. This means that the professional operator is not faced with any of the well-known mice resistance problems.

Black Pearl paste bait comes in 1kg tubs containing easy-to-use sachets. The bait is formulated from a blend of premium grade cereals, mulched and mixed together to give superior performance.

Lodi’s latest novel addition to the growing Black Pearl range is also available in 1kg tubs. Black Pearl pin head oat bait comes in 10g sachets with added sweeteners. With the addition of the pin head oat bait Lodi now boasts a comprehensive range of extremely effective treatments.

To find out more about how the paste bait has been used in practice, see the article which appeared earlier in the year in Pestmagazine – click here to read.

Lodi managing director, Roger Simpson, said: “We are very proud to have launched Black Pearl to the UK market. It gives UK pest controllers an additional and effective tool for mouse control. We have been overwhelmed with the positive response to the paste bait formulation and are delighted to see it joined by the new pin head oat bait.”


Black Pearl products 
Now two Black Pearl formulations –
pin head oat bait joins paste bait 

Sachet in bait box
With the paste bait, easy-to-use sachets are placed in bait boxes

Dead mice with Black Pearl
The end result speaks for itself 

Vote for Black Pearl now 
This positive feedback has been reflected in the number of times Black Pearl has been nominated by readers in the Pest Best Product awards 2012. Now is the time to cast your vote for Black Pearl – click here to do so.

To view the full range of Lodi-UK products – click here.


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