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A new name and a new international company – MakeSafe International – has been launched. Recognising an opportunity in the pest control industry, this recently founded company distributes a range of new and innovative products internationally.

Based in The Netherlands, MakeSafe International aims to bring products and customers together, by working closely with a network of master distributors. Makesafe does not sell directly to pest controllers.

Commenting on his new business, managing director, Patrick de Vos said: “After taking some time away from the industry, I have been in contact with suppliers of pest control products who need help distributing their products globally. The partners we work with have all created and developed their products with an extensive practical and technical knowledge of pest control. Makesafe provides an international platform for their innovative products.

Developer or distributor
“If you are the developer of a novel product and want to see it sold internationally, please get in touch.

Likewise, if you are a distributor and feel any of the products we represent would make a useful addition to your range, I’d be pleased to hear from you.

“The brands we now represent are Baitsafe, Mouseshield, Klight, Ekomille, Nara and Makesafe Dotz. More are in the pipeline.

“I would have loved to be able to show our great products on a stand during the Parasitec exhibition, but unfortunately it was too early days. MakeSafe will definitely exhibit at PestEx 2015 in March showing not only these, but also all our other new products,” Patrick concludes.

To find out more about the Makesafe International business concept please contact me at email [email protected]


Patrick de Vos MakeSafe founder and managing director,
Patrick de Vos

Mouseshield – A paste, which consists of vegetable oils, fillers and polystyrene beads and can be applied to fill holes and crevices to deny rodents access.

Baitsafe – A revolutionary rodent station that offers instant access to cavities and areas where rodents live and breed. Baitsafe can be installed in ceilings, walls, eaves, between floors and more.

Nara – Nontoxic plastic attractant blocks and lures for mice and rats. Durable and saave to use. Ideal for monitoring or in combination with traps.

Ekomille – A multicatch system for an ecological catch of rodents, assuring hygiene and safety.

Klight – A full range of electronic flykillers, from Industrial to commercial units.

Makesafe Dotz – A polymer platform onto which gel baits can be applied, without leaving any residues when removed. The only, and most professional, way to apply insect gel bait.

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