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After months of trials under both laboratory and practical in-field conditions, Midmos Solutions Ltd has launched its BB Alert Bed Bug Solutions product series, first shown at PestEx 2009.

Environmentally-friendly bedbug detection units

The BB Alert Bed Bug Solutions products are two environmentally-friendly bedbug detection units for both proactive daily/weekly/monthly monitoring programmes and targeted checking for signs of bedbug activity before, during and after treatment.

BB Alert Passive
The BB Alert Passive detector is a small, cost-effective, simple-to-use and fast to inspect unit which, placed in protected and out-of-sight locations in close proximity to potential hosts, provides a perfect harbourage for bedbugs. Once in position, the stand-alone detector requires no maintenance and will continue to be effective for up to 12 months. Regular inspection for tell-tale defecated blood spots and cast nymphal skins provides early-stage warning of the presence of bedbugs and enables faster, more effective treatment directly at the site of the problem.

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BB Alert Active
BB Alert Active is a revolutionary, new attractant monitor, easy to install and inspect, with a replaceable activator that attracts bedbugs seeking a ‘warm-blooded’ meal and holds them securely for inspection. Its small size and narrow profile allows for complete discretion in use, with placement under and behind beds and furniture. Placed here its proven attraction of all nymph and adult stages of the life cycle gives assured detection of the first signs of bedbug problems. The effective attraction of BB Alert Active also makes it an important aid to targeting control treatments, monitoring treatment progress and in confirming that control has been achieved and rooms, or properties, are ready for use.

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BB Alert Passive - revised
BB Alert Passive


BB Alert Active 
BB Alert Active

Both BB Alert units have been designed to give constant labour-minimal monitoring of at risk locations. Their low unit cost makes them ideal for use in multiple rooms and locations as part of a proactive monitoring programme. Completely insecticide-free, their simple placement and inspection requirements mean they can safely be used by trained on-site staff to support and alert pest controllers responsible for professional inspection and treatment of the problem and so closely involving the client in the pest control solution. 

Bedbug picturePassive and active monitors to detect this ever-increasing pest


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