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A brand new Avishock track, developed and manufactured exclusively by Network is now available. This second generation Avishock track builds on the success of the first system, but irons out those little idiosyncrasies which became apparent.
Avishock has long proven to be a popular bird control system with professional pest controllers throughout Europe since its launch in 2008. The brand new track, Network promises will not only offer an effective method of bird control for historic or traditionally difficult to proof buildings, but also a more cost effective and quick to install system for mainstream bird proofing projects too.

As with the previous track, the second generation Avishock has an electrical pulse flowing through two conductive strips. When a bird lands on the track it completes the flow of electricity, resulting in a minor shock. This tried and tested method modifies the bird’s behaviour and deters it from returning to the site.

The new Avishock track is even more robust; the patented tri-material, extruded track incorporates conductive copper strips protected by a layer of smooth, conductive plastic, which will reduce track degradation and the likelihood of shorting in wet weather conditions. The durable, UV stable PVC base prolongs track life and new side ‘wings’ improve water displacement, making it ideal for even the most hostile of environments.

Avishock black-stone
The new track comes in two colours – black and stone – and incorporates conductive
copper strips protected by a layer of smooth, conductive plastic

The new track also offers a more discreet solution through its compact design. At just 8mm high, and available in both black and stone colours it is almost invisible at any distance and suitable for a range of applications from historic landmarks to modern shop fronts, or where a discreet method of bird control is a must. The flexible track can be fitted around even the most complex of shapes with new speedy snap-fit connectors.

The new track is even quicker and easier to install. The new straight and corner snap-fit connectors can be fitted in just 30 seconds significantly reducing installation time, and sharp teeth secure the track to maintain a strong connection. Track resistance has been significantly reduced from 0.8 ohms to just 0.01 ohms, meaning that fewer energisers are required to power a far greater length of track without loss of conductivity. This has a number of benefits; reducing the cost of energisers per project, significantly reducing installation time and even reducing the number of power points required to run the system.

Corner connector
Corner snap-fit connector

Straight connector
Straight connector

The track is now supplied in 20 metre reels, with packs of 20 connectors enabling more straightforward calculations when quoting for jobs as well as better connectivity through fewer connections. Specialised shears are also available with a longer blade to enable more precise cutting, minimising wastage and simplifying the installation process.

Cutter guide
Easy to use mitre cutting guide


 Track resistance has been significant
meaning fewer energiserstly reduced

Summing-up these develoments, marketing manager, Claire Larcombe, said: “New Avishock offers faster installation, reduced material costs and easier quotations. There has never been a better time to try Avishock. Quote it on your next bird project – our expert team would be happy to advise on installation and quoting.”

For more information on the new Avishock track:
call 0800 988 5359 or email here or view the Network website here.

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