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ORMA has recently introduced to the professional market two new bait stations: Masterbox Plus and Total Box.

Total Box and Masterbox Plus. The evolution of bait stations

These two new bait stations are quite different from what’s already on the market. Developed by ORMA in Italy, they come with a selection of unique features that will help pest controllers reduce servicing time when compared to the bait stations they have traditionally used.

The main reasons for these savings are:

* Extractible, easy clean tray:
When either bait station is securely attached to a wall with fixing plate screws, the tray can easily be cleaned without removing the fixing plate, so saving time;

* Double monitoring – rodents and insects
Both Masterbox Plus and Total Box can be used simultaneously, not only as a rodent bait box, but also as a crawling insect monitoring trap as the boxes include an insect glue board. In locations such as food factories, where both services are required, the technician only has to monitor one bait station, instead of two, so making the job faster and easier;

* Easy unfastening from the wall
The design of the wall fixing system means that should either bait station need to be replaced, it can simply be unclipped and exchanged. There is no need to remove the fixing plate. Again, this significantly saves time for the technician;

* Secure and tamper-proof
Neither box can be removed once closed. The security key means they are totally protected from tampering by unauthorised people;

* Multi bait boxes with glue board option
Not only can Masterbox Plus and Total Box be used with wax blocks, grains and fresh baits, but the design allows the addition of a rodent glue board.

These features guarantee a time-saving for the operator of at least 25% – details available on request.

So, maximise your time ……. and save money!

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Total Box showing removable bait tray
Total Box showing the removable
tray and fixing plate 

Master Box for rodents and insects
Either box can be employed for
use against rodents and insects

Total Box with glue board
For ease of inspection, in food factories
for example, a transparent version of the
Total Box is available

  Total Box and Master Box Plus

Total Box (left) and Master Box Plus – the evolution of bait stations

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