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Although a relatively small company, PelGar is not shy at taking on the ‘big boys’ at their own game and making its impact felt around the world.

Taking the best of British global

Once again, the company was exhibiting at PestWorld 2011 along with its distributor, AB Bait Co based in Bethlehem, PA, USA.

“The Brigand range of products has been very well received in the US and is giving pest controllers a great alternative to products from Bell and Liphatech,” said Andrej Branc from AB Bait Co.

PelGar gives me the support I need and the reassurance of great products. We are a year in now and I am excited about where we will be 12 months down the line.”

“New markets are important to our global business and it has been encouraging to have further expansion of our rodenticide products into the North American and African markets,” says PelGar’s managing director Dr Gareth Capel-Williams.


PelGar in New Orleans
On their stand at PestWorld. 
Left to right: Andrej Branc from AB Bait Co with PelGar”s Nic Blaszkowicz and Gareth Capel-Williams  

“We are currently looking to develop the business in South America with further views to expand into Asia, however, the UK market still remains our the key focus. Products will continue to be developed for specific situations, customers will be supported through expert literature and advice, and we will continue to lead the way in global pest control,” concludes Gareth.

As the leading UK rodenticide manufacturer PelGar prides itself on developing palatable products that appeal to the natural sense and behaviour of rats and mice.

PelGar’s YouTube channel has a range of videos including some very interesting rodent behaviour footage.

Brand new to this is some fantastic footage of rats and mice devouring Brigand baits – as previewed at PestWorld 2011, New Orleans, USA.

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Screen shot
View it now click here or log onto You Tube and search for PelGar Brigand Bait 

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