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In answer to customers’ needs, two new multi-use bait stations were launched for European markets by Plastdiversity at Parasitec – Neptuno and Coral.

America, Asia …. now Europe

It was time for bait box specialitsts, Plastdiversity, to introduce to Europe both these new models, having only recently been launched at PestWorld in the USA and at the Pest Summit in Asia.

Neptuno – versatile and flexible
The first, Neptuno, is a multi-usage bait station that will make life easier for every pest control operator.

Instead of having to carry with them a variety of different types of stations, to use according to the needs of the situation, the pest controller need only take this unique, multi-usage bait station.

The range of usage options with Neputno include:

  • bait tray and bait rod, for blocks, pasta or granules;
  • Snap trap;
  • Glue board;
  • Two drinking troughs for liquid rodenticide (in countries where it is allowed to be used)
  • One drinking trough for liquid rodenticide, or just a liquid to attract rodents. Plus a tray with a vertical bait rod for blocks or pasta.

Other advantages with this multi-usage bait station are that it is tamper-proof and that it opens away from the wall to facilitate easy inspection. It comes with a wall adaptor for fixing to the wall, a security system on the bait rod and also on the cover to prevent people from forcing open the cover with their hands.

Low-profile Coral
Second, Coral is a low-profile, compact bait station ideal for use in tight corners or where there is restricted space. It is very competitive priced but is still extremely high quality. 

Taking the best features from Plastdiversity’s best-seller Beta2, two new features have been added, namely:

  • a side-locking system to provide protection from rain and dust;
  • the cover opens sidewise, so facilitating easy inspection.

Plastdiversity is constantly trying to improve their existing products and so increase their range, being one of the main factors which has made the company so successful in the international pest control industry.

Feedback from clients at Parasitec was very positive. This makes the Plastdiversity team believe it is on the right track. By listening to those who work practically in the field, these comments help the company to create products demanded by their customers.

For furher details, please consult the Plastdiversity website at or email [email protected] 


Neptuno with trough
The versatile Neptuno comes with two troughs which can be used for liquid rodenticide or bait

Ana Francisco 
Ana Francisco was spotted 
demonstrating the Coral bait box

Compact and slim-line 
– the Coral bait station

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