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The new digital detector monitoring system developed by Protekta, and on display on the Abiotec stand at Parasitec, caused quite a stir.

Responding to the need for sustainable pest control, Protekta believes the use of non-toxic traps will increase. Yet, in order to deliver effective pest control without toxic baits, a high frequency of trap monitoring is required. This can be labour intensive and expensive, yet by using electronic measurement systems, cost-effective 24 hour monitoring, seven days a week is achievable.

Electronic measurement allows detection of pests at the earliest stage, meaning preventative activities can be quickly targeted towards problem areas, so avoiding inconvenience and unnecessary damage to property.

The digital detectors monitor the status of all rodent traps, 24 hours a day. Once any trap is sprung an alarm is triggered, ensuring a quick and effective response. Hot spots of activity can quickly be identified, meaning integrated pest management techniques can be focused were required.

Not only does the system monitor the status of the traps for rodent activity, it can also monitor the precise temperature and humidity of the trap environs. Readings for dust, smoke and light can also be included.

The system works by means of radio transponders built into each rodent trap. A relay station broadcasts the signal via WiFi which is then picked-up and the results displayed on the manager’s computer screen back in their office, or out on their travels.

“For several years Protekta has tested this system within large firms in the Netherlands,” explains Protekta managing director, Mr Joan Schouten. “The system has proven itself in terms of reliability and efficiency, and is based on the latest communications technology.

“All data and information will be bundled into a single application. This allows clear trends and relevant data to be viewed and analyzed online,” Joan concludes.

International collaborators sought
The digital system is currently available in the Netherlands and France.

Protekta is seeking suitable agents to work alongside internationally.

For further details contact managing director, Joan Schouten on +31 (0) 492 364 292 or click here.

Joan Schouten
Joan Schouten of Protekta and their new
digital detector on display to exhibition visitors

Digital detector
Monitor all trap activity in the comfort of your office

Mouse trap Mouse trap closed  Integrated
A variety of traps can be used Mouse boxes containing …

Integrated electronic traps inside

Mouse box with transmitter

Router with power function


Or larger Tin Cat versions

Signals sent via power routers

To your computer

For display on your computer in your office or on the move

Simple plan

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