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Pest-Protect 2016 provided the perfect opportunity for British company, Russell IPM, to announce the launch of its iPest rodent monitoring system to the German market. The event was the ideal place to showcase the technology and allow visitors to get hands-on with this innovative new system.

Russell IPM introduce German pest controllers to iPest

The iPest system collects real-time data on rodent activity and sends the information directly to a smartphone through the iPest mobile app or email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The wireless technology utilises a double trigger mechanism to detect the presence of rats or mice in the bait station, which prevents false notifications and ensures any information recorded is accurate.

Simple to use
Paul Sidebottom, business development manager for Russell IPM explained: “iPest is a simple to use monitoring system that gives pest controllers accurate information on rodent infestation levels whilst helping to identify the success of the treatments employed.”

He added: “The advantage of the iPest system over other electronic devices on the market is the fact that iPest will not give false positives. This prevents wasted site visits and unnecessary inspection of empty traps reducing labour and transport costs.”

Versatile reporting software
Complimentary to the iPest rodent monitoring system is the iPest Plus online reporting software.

Pest-Protect Russell IPM Paul & BertPaul Sidebottom, right, explains how the new iPest system reduces labour and transport costs by preventing wasted site visits
The platform, which can be applied to any trap or monitoring device, effortlessly generates detailed audit reports straight from your smartphone, signalling the end of cumbersome folders, filing and clipboards. The iPest rodent monitoring system is fully compatible with iPest Plus and can be added at any time.

Russell IPM’s lead technician for iPest, Kieran Wyatt, explains: “iPest Plus offers the pest controller a versatile and informative reporting system that can be used to complete audits and survey reports via smartphone. It is uniquely flexible and can be tailored to individual clients’ needs.”

Pest-Protect Russell IPM Kieran et alKieran Wyatt, left, who is the lead technician for Russell IPM’s iPest system, in discussion with
visitors at Pest-Protect

The Russell IPM team was also happy with the interest shown in the company’s related rodent products, such as the Snap’Em range of gels and tabs for clean and safe rodent attraction. The formula, devised by Russell’s R&D department, contains highly attractive non-toxic ingredients for use with snap traps and bait stations such as those in the iPest range.

Everyone in the team was extremely pleased with the turnout for this major product launch in Germany and they are looking forward to the next Pest-Protect event.

For more information please contact +44(0)1244 833 955 or click here to email Russell for details.

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