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Syngenta announced the launch of a new highly palatable and easy to use paste bait version of the company’s world-leading single feed rodenticide, Talon, at PestTech 2012.

Talon Soft logo

Launch of Talon soft
Talon Soft is available in a 300g tube, with the paste-like formulation laid using a standard caulking gun. Syngenta Public Health Regional Business Manager, Robert Vink, advises that this allows quick, precise application and greatly reduces the time required to clean out partly-consumed bait from the bait point. “Talon Soft remains palatable in a variety of temperatures and environments. With no risk of spillage or movement by rodents it is ideal for sensitive areas, such as food processing or storage areas,” he said.

The new Talon Soft is available in addition to the Talon Wax Blocks and Talon Pellets. The full Syngenta Talon range is now marketed exclusively in the UK by Killgerm.

Robert Vink highlighted that trials have shown Talon requires less than a quarter of the bait consumption to kill rats, compared to difenacoum and typically 80% less than bromadiolone.

“Lower bait consumption reduces the overall costs of rodent control,” explained Robert. “Benefits for pest controllers include quicker filling of bait stations, extended intervals between bait refilling and less product to transport, along with the reduced product cost to complete control.”

He added that unreliable results and the need for repeated treatments with some rodenticides means treatment costs can escalate – whilst the losses from damage and spoilage continue to accrue. “With the reliability of Talon, the cost of rodent control can be effectively managed.”

Just one feed required
Crucially, just one feed of Talon is sufficient to kill rats or mice – including rodents resistant to other anti-coagulant rodenticides. “This is immensely important for pest controllers now facing increasingly frequent and large populations of resistant rats,” said Robert. “In situations with an extremely active population of rodenticide-resistant Norway rats, Talon was able to eliminate rat activity in just two weeks from the start of treatment.”

Reports from independent trials, tackling populations with Y139C resistant rats, shows Talon achieved 100% efficacy, compared to an average of 73% with difenacoum and just 40% using bromadiolone – which included one trial with 0% efficacy. Furthermore, the Talon success was achieved from an average 91% reduction in bait consumption, compared to bromadiolone.


Robert Vink with Talon
Robert Vink shows-off new Talon Soft
launched at PestTech 

Robert Vink and Aurelie Baillet
Colleagues on the Syngenta stand.
Robert Vink with Aurelie Baillet

Jazz band
A lively jazz band celebrates the launch  

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