PCO Paul Parker stars in Squirrel Wars on TV

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Tune into Channel 4 TV at 19.35 this Friday evening (6 February) to see pest controller Paul Parker star in a documentary about his battle against the grey squirrel. Paul is also featured in the first edition of Pest magazine.
Based near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, pest controller Paul Parker has one ambition. Simply it is to totally clear grey squirrels from a buffer zone to protect the red squirrel population in the giant Kielder Forest.

In doing so, he has become something of a media personality as well as creating an unexpected, money-making side-line – the sale of the captured squirrels for squirrel meat.

For a total of seven weeks over the last few months Paul has been accompanied, day and night, by a film crew recording his entire squirrel war activities. In total, over 100 hours of film were recorded for the production of a 25 minute programme.

Paul has yet to see the final programme for himself, so hopes it will be a fair representation of his activities. He does, however, know that some of the squirrel shooting sequences have been edited-out.

Not only a star of the TV screen, Paul features in the launch issue of Pest magazine. If you can’t wait for your copy to drop through your letter box, click here to read all about Paul.

If you miss the programme, you can still see it for the next 30 days by going to the Channel 4 Catch-up website or click here.

Filming Paul ParkerFilming for the Channel 4 TV documentary to be screened at 19.35 on Friday 6 February

Paul Parker
Paul Parker

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