Rentokil bird proofer suffers a serious fall from a ladder

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Rentokil employee, Mark Crenell, fell from a ladder whilst undertaking bird netting work on a canopy covering the deliveries entrance at a new supermarket in Lyme Regis, Dorset on 24 January 2012.

After the fall, Mark was air lifted to Southampton hospital where he underwent surgery to relieve pressure on the brain and to stop the bleeding. He was still in a coma some days later.

We are all delighted to hear that over the weekend Mark’s situation improved and he was able to recognise his wife, Natalie, and two of his children when they visited on Monday. Although far from well, this is a marked improvement and it is hoped Mark will be transferred to Frenchay hospital in Bristol which is much nearer to his home, family and friends.

Commenting on the accident, a Rentokil spokesperson said:

“Following an incident at a customer”s site in Lyme Regis on 24 January, Rentokil Pest Control is undertaking a full investigation.

A Rentokil pest control technician was involved in a serious accident having fallen from a ladder whilst carrying out preventative bird control services. The employee suffered head trauma and was admitted to Southampton Hospital for treatment where he underwent emergency surgery. We are supporting his family throughout this difficult period.

The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance. We have rigorous health and safety policies in place and each Rentokil employee undergoes full ongoing health and safety training.”

We all send Mark, Natalie and all his family good wishes for a speedy recovery. 

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