Rentokil launches online pest guide

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Rentokil has launched an online Pest Guide information portal. The new site aims to become the main point of reference for anyone trying to find out about pests in the UK.

The Pest Guide information portal covers over 200 different types of insects, rodents, beetles and other animals. The site opens with the phrase: “Pests are simply wildlife in the wrong place.” Having looked at the site it is hoped that many of the pests listed keep as far away from the UK as possible – for example how many pesties want to be called to deal with an African rock python or a brown recluse spider!

The site provides details about appearance, life cycle, habits and, where appropriate, hints on how to deal with them. As well as the key information on each pest, Rentokil has commissioned a special gallery of technically accurate illustrations, which include both paintings and drawings, for every pest on the site.

Julie Birch, Rentokil’s UK marketing manager explains: “We believe we have made it one of the most comprehensive online resources on this subject in the UK, and, in that sense, we like to call it ‘the Wikipedia of pest control’.

The site, not surprisingly, has a commercial edge as links are provided for commercial and domestic customers should they require pest control services.

However, a useful site and well worth a browse. 


Rentokil pest guide web page

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