Rentokil tops most read items in 2017

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There was an interesting mix of stories in our 2017 hit parade. The clear winner, in terms of number of page views, was from back in January when we announced that that Rentokil had purchased Cannon. It should come as no surprise that the rest of the public health pest control sector keeps a close eye on its biggest player and this was, after all, a big deal for the UK market.

Top stories

New products always generate plenty of interest – no doubt the reason for the appearance of the new Bayer product at number four and the BL Group announcement at number 13. Pest professionals are also keen to see what other professionals think of new product introductions – hence the interest shown in the articles we posted on the Pest Best Product Award.

It was also pleasing to note that some of our more serious items generated plenty of interest, in particular the debate about the humaneness of rodent snap traps and mole traps.

Demonstrating that the Pest website serves a global audience (there were visitors from 165 different countries in 2017) news about the global pest awareness day and reports from the International Conference on Urban Pests (ICUP) both attracted plenty of readers.

The debate at the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) about compulsory continuing professional development (CPD) has also been closely followed by many readers.

And finally, proving that a picture is worth a thousand words, our photographic review Captured at PestEx also scored well.

Here’s the full list so if you missed any of these, now’s your chance to catch up!

1. The big just got bigger – Rentokil buys Cannon 

2. Make your vote count in 2017 Best Product Award 

3. First ever global pest awareness day announced 

4. News from Bayer – a new rodenticide at PestEx 

5. Call for new standards for rat, mice and mole traps 

6. Choosing the best rat and mouse traps 

7. The Oscars of pest control 

8. Bed bugs: A global epidemic? Discuss

9. PestTech 2017 – the jury’s out… 

10. Will big fines make customers take pest control seriously? 

11. Delegates and speakers from across the globe attend ICUP

12. Captured at PestEx! 

13. News from BL Group – eight products for the UK 

14. NPTA discuss compulsory CPD at AGM 

15. Insect monitor madness – but you can help stop this




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