Sale of Mitie tops news stories list in 2018

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The most popular article by quite some distance on the Pest website in 2018 was the story that we broke in October 2018 that Rentokil was buying Mitie Pest Control. In a repeat of 2017, the acquisition activities of Rentokil continue to fascinate pest professionals.
Within the article on the original story announcing the Mitie sale (which was updated with the CMA referral news) we referred to the purchase, in January 2017, of Cannon by Rentokil and this prompted a high proportion of readers to go on to re-read this older article meaning it took second place in the popularity stakes having been the most read in 2017.

Another older article took third place – Choosing the best rat and mouse traps was published in September 2017. Clearly this a topic which interests our readers although, we also suspect that Google searches may have directed a number of amateurs searching for advice on trap selection, to our article.

As editors we were delighted to see that the majority of web stories making the top 20 were those where we had researched the topics and/or added our interpretation to breaking news, rather than simply reproducing press releases from the companies concerned.

Looking back over the ten years that Pest has published online, it is interesting to note that the top topics today
are generally of a more serious nature – whilst this is partly because the more frivolous items now find a home on social media it is also, we believe, a reflection of the professionalisation of our industry over that period.

Here’s the full top 20 list so if you missed any of these, now’s your chance to catch up!

Top 20 most read items on Pest website in 2018

1. Sale of Mitie Pest Control to Rentokil Initial 

2. The big just got bigger – Rentokil buys Cannon 

3. Choosing the best rat and mouse traps 

4. Summer madness strikes: What the *%?^ is BPCA doing?

5. Pelsis and Curtis Gilmour to merge 

6. NPTA chairman sells business to Rollins 

7. Rodenticide packs getting smaller 

8. News from the Bleu Line – B.L. Group – spraying with drones

9. AMES and Kestrel sold to US-based Rollins Inc

10. Compulsory CPD for NPTA members from 2019 

   Rentokil Mitie   Shrinking packs    Summer madness

11. Norway rat control back on Phostoxin and Talunex labels but…

12. PestTech in Milton Keynes – our verdict 

13. And the winner of the Pest Best Product Award is… 

14. Pest-Protect in Bremen got the thumbs up!

15. Record turnout for Global Summit

16. Free training material now available from CRRU website

17. Update on Spring Traps Approval Order

18. HSE publish update on Brexit

19. Lessons from PestProtect 2018

20. Two pest companies honoured in Queen’s Awards 2018 


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