International update – pests are global so it matters!

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The world has become a much smaller place and, whether you are for, or, against, Brexit what happens in Europe will continue to have an impact here. From a pest management perspective Europe isn’t the only player. What happens in the markets of North America and the Asia Pacific region will also shape our future.

So what’s to report from beyond these shores?


Europe – CEPA
Closest to home, CEPA, the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations, has a new website and logo. Those who follow such things will recall that there has been a changing of the guard at CEPA, so, no surprise, the first thing that happens is money is spent on a new look and a new website. Call us cynics but we’re not convinced this is money well spent. Of course design is a matter of personal preference but, to us, the whole thing looks very muted and a bit old fashioned.

Maybe we’ve been around too long and our ‘old fashioned’ is now ‘contemporary! CEPA tell us that “the new website emphasises more clearly the values of the association – to contribute to the protection and assure the wellbeing of EU citizens, for example in the context of Smart, Sustainable and Healthy Cities. The new visual identity is in line with many EU and International associations represented in Brussels. The graphics and pictures provide for the presentation of the pest management sector as green, sustainable but also modern and professional.”

Take a look and do let us know what you think.

That said, we do applaud and support the objectives of CEPA which are to move away from being seen as rat catchers and sprayers of nasty chemicals. As CEPA President, Henry Mott, explains: “CEPA’s role is all about promoting the positive aspects of the pest management industry to the bureaucrats and legislators in Westminster and Brussels. The industry needs to be seen as professional pest managers, not just the appliers of biocides.”

Much more global – new editors
Going much more global, there are new editors for the Federation of Asiatic and Oceanic Pest Management Associations (FAOPMA) newsletter and a new edition is now available.

FAOPMA is the most influential pest management association in the world, being responsible for the protection of the lives and homes of over four billion people. The editors are no strangers to Pest readers. Stephen Doggett is a recognised global expert on bed bugs and ticks and a regular contributor to Pest. Associate editor, David Lily, is lead entomologist of Ecolab’s global pest elimination research team in Sydney, as well as a former PhD student of Stephen’s.

View the latest issue here.

The FAOPMA Newsletter had been on hold for several months following the death of long time editor Doug Howick.

Totally global
Last, but by no mean least, the Global Pest Management Coalition (GPMC) held a meeting in December 2018 when a new council of nine leaders from pest management associations worldwide was selected.

They are:
• Vasili Tsoutouras, Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (ARPMA) and President of FAOPMA;
• Moisá©s Capetillo Gonzá¡lez, President of the National Association of Urban Pest Controllers, A C ANCPU Mexico;
• Dominique Stumpf, USA’s National Pest Management Association (NPMA);
• Mirko Baraga, Latin-American Association of Professionals in Pest Management;
• Paloma Castro, Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA);
• Carlos V Peá§anha, President of the Federation of Pest Control Associations of Brazil (FEPRAG);
• Alberto Ponjoan, President of ADEPAP, the Association of Pest Control Companies of Catalonia;
• Jaldhi R Trivedi, President of the Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA);
• Chris Gorecki, Vice President of Operational Support at Orkin.

The GPMC was founded in 2017 with the mission to act as a unified voice for global pest management and to promote the value of professional pest management, ensuring the protection of health, homes and businesses.

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