Terminix UK acquires Conquer Pest Control

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Terminix UK has acquired Conquer Pest Control, for an undisclosed sum.

Conquer Pest Control, which has traded for more than 40 years, was owned by Henry Mott for the last 16 years. As part of the deal, Mr Mott has joined Terminix UK’s senior leadership team.

James Gilding, Terminix UK’s managing director, said: “We’re not looking to buy the business and just fold it into Terminix and carry on as normal, we’re looking to take the best of what Conquer does, which is substantial, and drive that into our wider business offering, so that some of the regional expertise and specialisms in Conquer become national expertise and specialisms for Terminix in the UK.”

Mr Gilding said that while Terminix UK wants to be a national player and grow its business, it wants to maintain local service delivery.

“The acquisition of Conquer Pest Control brings a number of new service lines into the business, including water treatment, and what I refer to as commodity fumigation,” Mr Gilding said.

“We look to continue to invest in growing those service lines from a regional base to more of a national base in the future.”

Mr Mott said it was a big decision to sell his business and not one he took lightly.

“I’m not selling my turnover, my business is people that work here and the skills they possess,” Mr Mott said. “Effectively what I’m doing is saying to my people, here is a big opportunity for you to move into a larger organisation, which will allow you to grow and reach your full potential – and that was key for me.

“If a business had come along and was just looking at acquiring my portfolio, they wouldn’t have got past first base.”

  • Read more about the acquisition in the August/September issue of Pest, which will publish on August 18.
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