The Campaign Against Illegal Poisoning re-launched

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A new look, a new focus and a new website all feature in the re-launch of the Campaign Against Illegal Poisoning (CAIP).
Originally launched in 1991, the Campaign Against Illegal Poisoning (CAIP) is the publicity arm of the wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme (WIIS), which monitors the impact of pesticides on wildlife. Managed by the Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD), CAIP is funded by Defra and the pesticide industry.

The primary focus of CAIP is to promote best practice and avoiding accidental pesticide misuse. It is also designed to curb illegal use of pesticides by helping improve the detection and reporting of poisoning activity.

Over the next three years the campaign will focus on preventing poisoning by educating pesticide users, including professional pest controllers, in correct and professional techniques to avoid accidental poisoning, and on improving detection and reporting of poisoning cases.

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Two of the first, high profile activities have been the creation of a new modern-looking logo and a dedicated CAIP website – click here to view. The site is clearly presented and easy to navigate – a big improvement on the previous site which was well hidden within the massive PSD website.

In addition, the hotline number (Tel: 0800 321600) for use by the general public to report any suspected poisoning incidents is boldly displayed.

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