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We’ve been bowled over by your enthusiastic response to the first Pest+ e-news. Thank you for all your positive comments and encouragement.
The Pest+ e-news viewing statistics have been simply amazing. Don’t ask how, but, when one of you opens your Pest+ e-news the system knows – big brother or what! – and a ‘viewing’ is recorded. In the first 24 hours after despatching our first edition we reached a massive viewing figure of 87.5% of the total emailed out. Now, even if some of you read it twice, that’s a great viewing rate and shows the appetite out there for independent news.

Our advertisers seem to be pleased too. SX Environmental was the first company to take up our sponsored news slot. Richard Lunn from SX says, “After Pest+ went out last Tuesday we definitely saw a large increase in orders for the SX One box asPest+readers found out about our 100% extra free offer.”

We’ve received supportive emails from a great number of you and recorded a surge in people registering not only for Pest+ but also for Pest magazine, which is due out in January. If you haven’t already registered then click here and sign up today.

The surge in readers signing-up has been so great that Pest editor, Frances McKim, who also manages the Pest database explains:

 Helen & FrancesHelen and Frances say, “We”ve put together this special Pest+ Extra to thank you all for your support.”

“We have been doing our best to keep up with the registrations, but organisations have very kindly been circulating the details to their own lists of contacts. To give you an example, on Monday 22 December we received over 60 new registrations off the website.”

Finally, as one of our new technical editorial panel, David Pinniger, specialist pest consultant in the museum and heritage industry, commented: “Most of the people I work with in the museum world are not thinking about pest control every day, so I felt Pest+ was a really good way to keep them up-to-date, so I’ve forwarded it on to them all and it’s already begun to generate interest.”

Feel free to do the same and send this Pest+ Extra on to you contacts .

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