Phone link to Biocides Helpdesk to be withdrawn

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From the 1 September 2012 the Biocides Helpdesk telephone line (0151 951 4669) will be withdrawn. From this date it will no longer be possible to phone the Biocides Helpdesk direct.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) says this change is being introduced following a review of all enquiry handling services within the Chemicals Regulation Directorate aimed at improving efficiency and managing these services more effectively.

Their statement explains that handling enquires by email (or letter if preferred) will, amongst other things, enable their staff to consult with any relevant specialists before replying. HSE explains that it is simply not possible because of the complexity and variety of the enquiries received to have specialists available for phone calls at all times. Their response will usually be via email, but enquirers may specify if they would like a relevant expert to phone them to discuss the enquiry further.

From their statement HSE makes pains to confirm that the Biocides Helpdesk service itself is not being withdrawn. All email enquiries can be made via the current address which can be found on the HSE Contact Us webpage – click here to access.


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All enquiries should be accompanied with as much information as possible to help HSE identify the issue or question on which the specific experts will need to provide advice.

This change in procedure is in-line with HSE’s overall policy on enquiry handling across all business sectors. It is hardly a ‘customer friendly’ improvement – there is nothing like speaking one-to-one when you do have an enquiry. Sad day.

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