Guardian newspaper picks-up on local authority cut-backs

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The plight of pest control within the local authority sector accompanied by a potential pest explosion made the national newspapers in a recent article which appeared in The Guardian. In this well-written piece several other leading pest controllers are also quoted.

The article which appeared in The Guardian on 20 March 2012 neatly summaries the current situation faced by local authorities.

In the article it states: “Budget cuts of almost 30% mean that local authorities no longer have the funds to deal with pests. As they have no statutory duty to provide such services, some have reduced their pest control teams and outsourced the work to private contractors; others have introduced charges, while some have ceased offering services altogether.”

The article also refers to the results of the latest NPTA National Rodent Survey Report also published on March 20. See Pest report.

The information published within The Guardian article mirrors the findings presented in the article reviewing what has been happening within local authorities over the last year in the most recent edition of Pest magazine – click here to read in full.

As an update to the Pest article – since its publication Pest has become aware of further tenders for pest control services published for four further local authorities, namely: London Borough of Bexley, East Renfrewshire, Dorset County Council and Belfast.

To read the full article as it appeared in The Guardian click here.

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