Pest control expert pledges to help pensioner with mice infestation in her home

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David Greer, who operates a pest control firm, has pledged to visit an 86-year old lady’s property in Northern Ireland and carry out pest control for free.

Speaking on The Stephen Nolan Show on BBC Radio Ulster today, Mr Greer said: “This is an exceptional circumstance. Mice are running up this lady’s arm – I would suggest to take 24 hours to trap and remove the mice.

“We have offered to go to the lady’s house. I will bring our team down and sort it out for her to the best of our ability. We will fix all of the entry points and remove any nests or anything else.”

The lady accepted the offer, thanking Mr Greer.

Radio show host Mr Nolan said he had been informed that Belfast City Council has ceased all pest control services since the start of the pandemic.

He said: “The Housing Executive are not normally pest control experts, it is Belfast City Council who would in normal times go into people’s homes and have the expertise to do so,” he said.

“I am being told Belfast City Council has not resumed pet control, and that raises questions when it will resume.”

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