31 July deadline for withdrawal of BASF’s Tenopa

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UK pest controllers have until 31 July 2012 to use up stocks of BASF complete insect treatment, Tenopa.

Tenopa contains the active substance, flufenoxuron and the requirement to withdraw the product comes from national arrangements, just published, following last autumn’s decision by the European Commission not to include the insect growth regulator, flufenoxuron, on Annex 1 of the Biocidal Products Directive.

This means that as of 31 July 2012 the product loses its approval for sale, supply, storage, use and disposal.

Now that the specific withdrawal arrangements are clear, BASF Pest Control Solutions urges users to assess their particular requirements carefully so they only secure supplies of the popular insect treatment which they can use before the product is removed from the market. 


Tenopa pack

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