Bayer announces launch of Racumin rodenticide foam

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On 23 September, at their headquarters in Cambridge, Bayer announced the imminent arrival of their new rodenticide – Racumin Foam.

Delegates – consisting of press representatives, Bayer CropScience staff and, most importantly, practical pest controllers who had already been trying-out the product, gathered to hear all about Bayer’s plans for the product.

Racumin Foam, as the name implies, is a new unique foam-applied product, based on the active ingredient coumatetralyl – a first-generation rodenticide.

Bayer says the product is being launched in a bid to tackle increasing rat and mouse populations and that it is a timely development, given the likelihood of future regulatory changes. Racumin Foam provides the sector with a solution to address current pressures on second-generation rodenticides, especially in sensitive environments.

This specialised water-based foam, delivered by an aerosol, should be considered as an additional part of a modern IPM approach within the professional pest controller’s armoury.

Bayer’s Alan Morris explains how, unlike baits which are reliant on palatability for uptake, this product works by using the rodent’s natural grooming habits. “The foam can be placed in areas where the rodents are known to pass, such as access holes, cavity walls and pipe-works. It’s then transferred to the pest’s coat as they brush past and is ingested straight into its blood stream during routine grooming, which is advantageous in limiting non-target species exposure.”

He adds that Racumin Foam offers a perfect solution in circumstances where other food temptations limit bait uptake, or where traditional baiting methods, such as putting the product inside cavity walls, are not possible. “It also provides an ideal replacement for previous contact activity powder formulations, which are no longer available.”

Listen and then respond
As part of Bayer’s belief of listening to, and then responding to, customers’ opinions, the briefing meeting was joined by Zack Ali of Slough-based Pesky Critters, Leicestershire’s Matthew Pitcher of Intelligent Pest Control and Michael Flatters of Fen Tiger Pest Control from Spalding. This group had been trying out Racumin Foam as part-and-parcel of their everyday operations over the last few months. Ali seemed well impressed.

Racumin Foam will be formally launched to the pest control industry at PestTech with supplies available, via the company’s distributors, by the end of 2014.



Alan Morris explains how Racumin Foam works
by using the rodent’s 
natural grooming habit

Bayer’s national accounts manager, 
Neil Pettican, demonstrates the size of
foam ball required for a rat

Delegates listen intently to Ken Black of Bayer detailing Racumin Foam in action

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