Colin collects £100 prize

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The winner of the ‘Guess how many cockroaches competition’, which ran in the January & February issue of Pest magazine, was Colin McCook, an environmental warden (pests) for the joint environmental health service for Bolsover District Council and North East Derbyshire District Council.

Colin, who was delighted to win, was presented with his selected prize of £100 worth of Suterra bed bug and cockroach traps by Pest associate editor Helen Riby. 

He had no trouble deciding what to get. “We’ve used a lot of Suterra traps, especially for bed bugs and we’re very happy with them,” he said. “We do more bed bugs than cockroaches so I went for a 75:25 split,” he added.

Colin also received a Pest wind-up torch which he reckoned was just the job as it seems like every time you need a torch the batteries have gone flat!

Helen Riby commented: “As I was waiting for Colin in the reception area of the Bolsover District Council Offices in Clowne, a number of people commented how pleased they were that Colin had won something as he was such a nice man. It was indeed a pleasure to meet him and to hand over his winnings.”

Colin spent his early career in a number of science-related roles; first as a laboratory technician for a quarrying company, now owned by Lafarge and later as a scientific officer for what was then the government’s agricultural advisory service, ADAS.

No looking back
He joined
Bolsover District Council under Colin Millington in May 2008 and, as he put it, had to go back to school. After a year’s training and having successfully passed his RSPH level 2 in pest control he hasn’t looked back. The two ‘Colins’ now look after the Bolsover DC area for the joint Bolsover NE Derbyshire environmental health service between them.

His enthusiasm for the job was clear to see. “There’s a real sense of achievement when you’ve solved someone’s pest problem for them,” he explained.

Near misses
Runners-up were Paul Westgate of Rokill Pest Control in Hampshire, Peter Stringer from Rentokil and Alan McAree from North Lanarkshire Council in Motherwell.

 Helen Riby & Colin McCook
Colin McCook of Bolsover & NE Derbyshire DC
receives his prize of Suterra traps from Helen Riby

Coun the cockroaches
Colin’s estimate of 1,147 cockroaches (adults & immatures)
was the closest to the actual 1,300 counted by Prof Dini Miller 

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