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There has been much industry discussion and, frankly, a good deal of disagreement about the reclassification of rodenticides by the EU as ‘Toxic to reproduction’. USA-based Bell Laboratories, one of the world’s leaders in rodent technology, says it has taken a balanced approach to meet the ongoing needs of the professional pest control market.

Bell Laboratories to introduce 25ppm brodifacoum product

Bell’s belief is that most PCOs will continue to need access to full strength rodenticides whenever possible. As a result, Bell is supporting the renewal of both its bromadiolone and brodifacoum 50ppm product formulations. These renewals will ensure that PCO’s have uninterrupted access to these vital products.

 Toxic to reproduction pictogram   Bell Solo Blox

That said, there will likely be certain situations where PCOs will be asked to provide sub-30 ppm products and could be at a competitive disadvantage if unable to supply a viable option. To accommodate this need, Bell will be introducing a 25ppm brodifacoum formula based on its already successful Solo 50ppm brodifacoum Blox.

The strength of brodifacoum, even at 25 ppm, will be able to provide PCOs with reliable results in those situations where a full-strength product cannot be used.

Bell remains committed to meeting the needs of the EU’s professional pest control operators and will continue to look for opportunities to bring additional solutions to market that can be trusted to provide the results our industry demands.

Bell Laboratories was founded in 1974 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA today the company manufactures a complete line of rodent control products which are sold to pest control and agricultural markets on six continents.

As the only rodenticide manufacturer in the United States to synthesise the anticoagulant and acute technical materials used in its baits, Bell Laboratories maintains complete control over its rodenticides which ensures the highest quality products.

The company’s modern 260,000 sq. ft. facility in Madison houses its corporate office, manufacturing operation, biological and chemical laboratories and warehouses. Bell’s international presence includes an office in the United Kingdom and a warehouse in the Netherlands to serve its customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  For customers in Australia and New Zealand, Bell maintains an Australian staff and a warehouse in Sydney.

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