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Italy continues to have a strong manufacturing base of home-grown public health pest control specialists. With a major presence at the Italian flagship event Bleu Line – B.L. group is one such company. Whilst traditional insecticides and rodenticides continue to be important, innovative and greener products are opening up new opportunities. Key among these, as Giovanni Bazzocchi, co-owner and export sales director explains, is the novel mosquito product, Aquatain AMF

Aquatain AMF – opening doors to new markets

Aquatain AMF is a globally important mosquito control product with a unique physical mode of action. Developed in Australia, Bleu Line – B.L. Group has exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the product for the export market.

It is a silicone-based liquid which, when applied to stagnant water, forms a very thin film across the surface preventing mosquito larvae and pupae from accessing the oxygen they need to develop. It also deters adult females from laying their eggs on the surface of the water. Indeed, should an adult female attempt to lay its eggs it will be trapped by the film and die. And, because the mode of action is mechanical there is no possibility of any resistance ever developing.

Giovanni BazzocchiCo-owner and export sales director for Bleu Line – B.L. Group, Giovanni Bazzocchi at Disinfestando

BL Group stand 1Bleu Line – B.L. Group staff on the busy stand at Disinfestando

The trials results speak for themselves:

  • 100% mortality of the pupae within three hours;
  • 100% mortality of L3 and L4 stage larvae withn three days;
  • 94% mortality of L1 and L2 larvae within 10 days;
  • No eggs laid on treated water;
  • Many females die whilst attempting to lay eggs on the film;
  • Product effective for four weeks.

Giovanni Bazzocchi explains: “With such an effective product against a major global pest, Aquatain AMF has already opened doors for us, for example in Asia, where our biocides would previously not have been able to compete with locally produced products.”

He adds: “The product is now used widely across Europe as well as in Mexico, North Africa and the Middle East. Despite the Zika crisis the market in South America has been slower to develop but the potential is clear to see. It is definitely a strategic product for or company going forward.”

Uniquely in Europe, Aquatain AMF is the only mosquito product which requires no authorisation under the EU biocides regulatory system. This is a major benefit at a time when the costs of registration and re-authorisations for biocides are escalating. It is exempt because there is no chemical activity. Control is achieved mechanically. This also means that it has been possible to develop novel application methods using large-scale drones to spray the surface of the water.

BL Group stand 2Product manager for equipment and tools, Marco Poretti with Disinfestando visitors interested in drone application  Giovanni and drone Giovanni Bazzocchi predicts a bright future for natural and ecological products like Aquatain AMF

Aquatain AMF is a good example of the way Bleu Line – BL Group sees the market developing in future. As Giovanni points out: “Our customers are already asking for greener products. As the costs of registration rise, the number of available active substances will decline. Products like Aquatain AMF will move from being interesting novelties to core control tools. Natural and ecological is the future.”

Appropriately, with the Disinfestando fair moving to Milan in 2019, Bleu Line-B.L. Group’s dedicated Aquatain AMF factory is also located in Milan.

Aquatain comes in two formulations, Aquatain AMF for professional use and, for the householder, Aquatain AMF drops. The product protects all types of standing and stagnant water such as: lakes, reservoirs, rice paddies, sewers, septic tanks, manholes, drinking water tanks, flower pots, buckets, tyres and gutters.

Want to know more about Aquatain AMF, watch the video below:

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