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Portuguese company, Plastdiversity, launched its new affordable and reliable Apollo bait station at PestWorld this October.

New Apollo – an affordable and reliable rodent bait station

Visitors were interested to see this new addition from a company that has become a regular exhibitor at the PestWorld event.

With over 30 years of expertise in plastics, Plastdiversity manufactures its pest control products alongside retail and garden and home plastic items at its site near Marinha das Ondas in Portugal.

As Plastdiversity’s Ricardo Fonseca explains: “The sturdy new Apollo rat bait station is side opening with a removable bait tray. Bait can be fixed using either the horizontal rod or the four vertical bait rods ensuring bait is kept secure within the station.

“For control without rodenticide the stations can accommodate two Super Trapper snap traps or a G3 glue board where local regulations permit the use of glue boards,” he adds.

The bait station also comes with a tried and tested key system to stop the public gaining access.

Comprehensive range
The Plastdiversityprofessional range of bait stations now runs to around 20 different models including tunnel bait stations and novel approaches such as the discreet rock bait station.

At PestWorld
As well as showcasing the new bait station and introducing the company to potential new customers, the Plastdiversity stand at PestWorld was also a meeting point for existing customer and distributors from around the world.

Working alongside Ricardo in Baltimore this year were Jost Puschmann and Stefan Hirschmeier from PPS, one of the biggest German pest control distributor businesses, which has many Plastdiversity products in its range.

Apollo vertical rodsApollo with vertical bait 

Apollo trapsApollo with snap traps

Apollo horizontal rodApollo with horizontal bait 

Plastdiversity standAt PestWorld, Plastdiversity’s Ricardo Forseca, left, with Jost Puschmann from German distributor, PPS
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