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Russell IPM recently announced the launch of two monitoring and reporting products to make pest management more efficient, accurate and cost effective.

iPest and iPest plus – new pest management tools from Russell IPM

The introduction by Russell IPM of two new monitoring and reporting products is great news for pest professionals looking to streamline their approach to rodent management.

iPest: Remote rodent monitoring and reporting system

Unlike other traps on the market, the iPest from Russell IPM is a monitoring system that can alert pest controllers to rodent activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The system employs both motion and contact sensors to ensure reliable and accurate detection of unwanted rat or mouse pests.

The most invaluable feature, however, lies with the online iPest dashboard, where each monitoring system placed across the site facility can be mapped to allow spatial visualisation of rodent hotpots and give intelligent insights into when the rats or mice are most active.

The system produces clear PDF reports and excel sheets detailing the infestation count and success of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) interventions. Read more about the iPest system.

Russell iPest


iPest plus: Cloud based pest management platform

The iPest plus platform can be applied to any device to generate detailed pest reports in seconds and all that is required is a smartphone. Key features include the ability to:

  • Record data from barcoded devices;
  • Upload comments, observations, actioned tasks and photos;
  • Produce reports in PDF with facts and figures, then email to customer once the visit is closed;
  • Analyse trends via cloud hosted database with spatial and graphical presentations;
  • Set up accounts through one technician that can be accessed by many.

Find out more about the iPest plus platform.

The use of our pioneering iPest remote rodent monitoring system is fully compatible with the iPest plus platform. If you use iPest plus you can add the Russell IPM iPest remote monitoring system at any time you wish.

Bring intelligence to your pest management systems today, contact Russell IPM by email or call 01244 281 333 for more info on the iPest system or iPest plus cloud database now.

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