Pest Best New Product Award 2011 launched

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The search is on to find the best new product of 2011. Which new introduction has impressed you the most? Nominations can now be made.

This award recognises the product that Pest readers feel has made the greatest improvement to their lives and/or working practices. Products can be nominated by Pest readers from now until midnight on 31 August after which all readers have the opportunity to vote for their favourite.

An innovative market
Pest control is a very inventive and resourceful market. People are always coming-up with new ideas to make practical pest controllers” lives easier or more professional. New ways of proofing to keep pests out, more discreet and
precise ways of applying baits and gels or controlling flying insects, better ways of scaring pests away and improved pest monitoring and recording systems. Nor must we forget the new chemical solutions including new delivery methods, formulations or mixtures of pesticides to offer a greater range of target pests, or speedier results.

A good example is last year’s winner Romax Rat CP from Barrettine Environmental. Based on an ‘old’ active, coumatetralyl, but with a special ‘soft block’ formulation this bait proved to be easy to use and effective and attracted many positive comments from readers, as well as the most votes.

Pest award logo


“The process is simple, yet the kudos to the winning product is great,” continues Frances. “The manufacturer/distributor of the winning product will receive the Pest Best New Product Award 2011 trophy and certificate to display at their premises and will be able to display the logo on packs, literature, websites and the like.”

Pest readers are in the driving seat. Throughout the year, Pest publications will update readers on progress and provide opportunities for product nominations, before, finally giving you the chance to vote for the product you feel has been the most innovative – the product which has made the greatest improvement to your life and/or your working practices.

The mechanics are quite simple

  • 31 January 2010 – Pest Best New Product Award announced 
  • 31 January to 31 August – Pest readers can nominate their selected products 
  • 1 September – product shortlist drawn-up from nominations sent in 
  • 1 September to 28 October – readers vote to establish the winner 
  • 31 October – all votes counted 
  • 2 November – award presented during PestTech.

Qualifying period
Any product launched between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011 can be nominated so that includes all the new products launched at PestTech last November.

Rules of engagement
We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible but there are some rules to follow.

  1. Only commercial pest control products can be nominated. Services, promotional schemes, special offers and the like are excluded; 
  2. Products nominated must have been launched after 1 September 2010 and before midnight on 31 August 2011 ; 
  3. Products must have been fully commercially available during the time period shown in 2 above. Products supplied free for trials purposes cannot be entered; 
  4. Only products sold in the UK are eligible; 
  5. Entries must be made via an official printed nomination form as supplied by Pest or by email following the format specified on this website; 
  6. Readers can submit up to five products per nomination form but can only nominate the same product once. You can send in an unlimited number of nomination forms; 
  7. Readers may vote for their top two products, but may only submit one voting form. Second choices will be taken into account in the event of a tie; 
  8. Entries submitted after midnight on 28 October 2011 will not be counted. 

Nominations now open
So, nominations for thePestBest New Product Award 2011 are now open!

Please click here to email the editor with the products that have impressed you the most.

All entries sumbitted must include:
• Your name;
• Your company/organisation”s name;
• The products you would like to nominate (five maximum).

Legal stuff

  • In the event of a tie then reader”ssecond choices will be taken into account. If there is still a tie, all the products with the same score will receive the award; 
  • The count will be conducted by Pest publications and the decision made by Pest will be final. No correspondence will be entered into; 
  • The results will be announced at PestTech and on the Pest website and in Pest magazine; 
  • Pest takes no responsibility for late or lost entries. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt; 
  • Pest will only use your personal details for the purposes of administering this award and will not publish them or provide them to anyone else without your permission. 
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