Veritas Pest Consultancy releases insect ID cards

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BPCA member Veritas Pest Consultancy has created identification flashcards to help people improve their insect ID skills and prepare for exams.

These cards provide an easy to understand approach to learning insect identification and scientific names, serving as a practical tool and those preparing for field biologist examinations or a refresher for experienced experts.

These flashcards offer a focused resource for mastering insect identification, aiding professionals in swiftly recognizing and addressing pest-related challenges.

Designed to help you grasp scientific names without unnecessary complexity, these cards provide clear and concise information, supporting your day-to-day work in the field.

Ideal for professionals seeking to refresh their knowledge or preparing for examinations, these flashcards cover essential insect species and scientific classifications encountered in the field.

Printed on durable 320gsm linen finish playing card board, these flashcards are built to withstand the demands of regular use in the field, ensuring longevity and reliability.

The plastic coating enhances the cards’ durability, making them resistant to wear, spills, and environmental factors. This practical feature ensures a reliable tool in various working conditions.

They can be ordered directly through the Veritas Pest Consultancy website and are priced at £16 (+VAT) per pack (plus postage).

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