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The annual ‘state of the nation’ survey, organised by BASF and Pest magazine gets underway tomorrow, Tuesday 1 March. Now in its sixth year it’s your chance, as a pest professional at the sharp end, to tell the rest of the industry what you think!

Please take part in the National UK Pest Management Survey 2016

Only pest professionals who work at the sharp-end of UK pest control you are eligible to take part in the National UK Pest Management Survey 2016. But what do we mean by the sharp-end?

We need your help if you are: 

  • An owner, manager, technician, surveyor or field biologist in a pest control company;
  • A member of a local authority pest control unit;
  • A self-employed pest controller.

If that describes your role, then check your inbox for an email from the editor at Pest magazine. This will contain your personal invitation to take part. However, if that invitation went astray, maybe it ended-up in junk, or has simply got buried in your inbox, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to take part by following this link or clicking on the bear or bull logo on the right. You have until midnight on Thursday 24 March to complete it.

The fact is that, whilst the BASF and Pest team work hard to develop the survey and to analyse the results, we can’t deliver any useful results unless pest professionals take part. The more people who join in, the more complete the
picture it provides and the more useful the data is to everyone.

Only one of its kind

This survey is the only one of its kind in the UK. It records the fortunes of all sectors within UK professional pest management. It measures whether things are getting better or worse and provides a picture of which pests are up and which are down. All the information is treated as confidential and no comments are ever attributed to individuals.


2016 survey

2016 survey logos

The results are made freely available and allow individuals to benchmark their activities and opinions and to gain a better understanding of the industry as a whole. The information is also useful to those who lobby government on behalf of the pest management sector.

In the 2015 survey there was a real mood of optimism about the coming year among all sectors of pest control. Whilst people working in local authority units were not as positive as their counterparts in the private sector, they recorded their highest level of optimism since the survey began in 2011. But did things turn out as well as predicted? That’s one of the things this year’s survey will find out and we’ll report on that and the other findings a special feature in the June & July 2016 edition of Pest magazine.

Don’t miss your chance to let your views be known – the more people who participate, the more reliable the findings. Check your inbox for your email invitation, follow this link to the National UKL Pest Management Survey 2016 or click on the bear or bull logo above.

Follow these links to read the results from the 2011 survey2012 survey2013 survey, 2014 survey and the 2015 survey.

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