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Two new supporter member companies have recently joined the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU). The new additions are LiphaTech and Lodi-UK. This takes to eight the number of companies supporting CRRU in its work promoting responsible rodent control to farmers, estate managers, game keepers and other care-takers of the countryside.

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This 33% expansion in corporate support for the campaign comes at a good time, according to CRRU chairman Dr Alan Buckle. “As we anticipate the outcome of HSE’s recent stakeholder engagement about second generation anticoagulant rodenticides, promoting appropriate and responsible use in rural locations will be more critical then ever next year.” (See Pest report re stakeholder engagement – click here.)

The Campaign recently issued advice to these groups about autumn and winter rat control, encouraging them to be vigilant for an influx of rats caused by the latest spell of heavy rain. When control measures were called for, this argued for either the CRRU code of practice to be followed thoroughly by rodenticide users or for the work to be outsourced to a professional pest controller.

“Having Lodi-UK and LiphaTech alongside our six long-standing members will add valuable weight to CRRU’s work and to what we are able to accomplish in front of rural users of rodenticides,” says Dr Buckle. They will be represented on the campaign’s steering group by Roger Simpson and Gabrielle Cor respectively.

The eight CRRU supporter companies are Syngenta, Rentokil Initial, PelGar International, Lodi-UK, LiphaTech, Killgerm Chemicals, Bell Laboratories and BASF Pest Control Solutions

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