PROMPT to host pest identification webinar

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After a great response from PROMPT members to its first webinar, BASIS PROMPT is hosting a second webinar on Friday, October 21, at 12pm.

Stephen Jacob, chief executive of BASIS, said: “We had two fantastic guest speakers, firstly John Stewart, from Edialux, started the webinar with an introduction to rodent biology and behaviour. We then had a presentation by Alan Buckle, from CRRU, who provided a fantastic update on rodenticide stewardships.

“Following the success of this first webinar, we are excited to announce our second PROMPT hosted webinar, which is being held on Friday, October 21, at 12 noon.”

Mr Jacob said that pest identification is one of the first and most important steps in any pest management situation as appropriate treatment varies depending on the pest present. In this webinar entitled ‘Pest identification’ we will discuss the techniques for identifying some of our most common pests.

The first speaker Matthew Davies, from Killgerm, will discuss the importance of insect identification for their effective control.

Delegates will then be joined by Richard Moseley, from Syngenta, who will present the importance of rodent identification for their effective control and the protection of non-target species.

This webinar is completely free and open to all of PROMPT members as well as anyone interested in joining the PROMPT Register.

Please sign up now by clicking HERE.

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