A most unusual wasp location

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Thanks to Andy Holmes, owner of Pestsolve Environmental Solutions based in Wessington in the Derbyshire Dales, for sending Pest this story and photo.

Mr Holmes said: “Just when you think that you’ve seen every possible place that a wasps nest can be, one comes along and completely takes you by surprise!

“This one was actually inside the base of a double divan bed in an occupied house. A bedroom window on the unoccupied top floor of an old cottage had been left open since the spring and an opportunist queen wasp had started this magnificent structure inside the bed.”

Mr Holmes said that no-one had been into the bedroom until mid-August, by which time the nest had grown quite large and was extremely busy.

He added: “Members of the family had been stung but luckily no-one opened the bed to look inside. Once the nest had been treated the true size and extent of the nest was revealed, amazing.”

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