BBC2’s fresh look at pest control in ‘The Ladykillers’

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BBC2 has commissioned a new four-part series which will follow four female pest controllers as they visit homes and businesses across the UK to help with their infestations. Can you help identify pest problems that ‘The Ladykillers’ can tackle?

The series will be made by KEO Films and has the working title of ‘The Ladykillers’ and KEO Films is looking for your help to identify interesting pest problems for ‘The Ladykillers’ when they begin filming this July. 

Using high-tech cameras and equipment, the series will show the pests as they have never been seen before, from bed bugs to rats, from wasps to foxes, and offer some advice on how to get rid of them.

The BBC press release says: “A house-proud nation, Britain’s homes are increasingly sanitised with shiny floors and carpets and immaculate kitchen surfaces. However, lurking beneath a seemingly glistening faá§ade is a host of unsightly pests and bugs. And now, they are getting smarter – poison and traps are becoming ineffective as they build up resistance. More and more people are calling on pest control services to help reclaim their homes.”

It continues: “In the new series, pest controllers Janet Dixon, Imogen Levinson, Deborah Boulton and Angela Chetter Sloan visit homes and businesses experiencing problems on a large scale, to help rid people of these unwanted guests.”

Paul Durgan, Series Producer, KEO Films, says: “The traditional image of the pest controller as the rat catcher in a flat cap is pretty outdated so it was fantastic to find these brilliant women, successful and knowledgeable in the field of pest control. It will be great watching them in action as they help to improve the lives of distressed people at their wit’s end with pests.”


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Emma Willis, BBC Head of Commissioning, Documentaries, said: “This is a great new series for BBC Two which dips into family homes and businesses to see how expert pest controllers use technology and their expertise to deal with infestation.”

KEO Films are looking for pest problems in the Midlands, the North West & Yorkshire and in London & the South East. BPCA president, Henry Mott of Conquer Pest Control is providing the pest management advice for the series. So, If you have a pest problem ‘The Ladykillers’ can investigate, then please email keofilms or phone 020 7490 3580 ext 1008.

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