First UK-trained bedbug sniffer dogs go into service

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The first two UK-trained canine recruits have graduated with flying colours and are now fully operational in and around London sniffing out bedbugs.
Both new bedbug sniffer dogs are part of the specialist, Bed-Bugs UK Ltd operation.

Managing director, David Cain, explains how his clients will benefit: “These dogs bring a whole new dimension to our work. The average human has a mere five million scent receptors in their nose, but a dog has 200-300 million and sometimes more than that. We are simply putting this ability to good use. Our dogs can very quickly detect bedbugs in a hotel room, or indeed any other location, when it might take a human hours to do a thorough visual inspection.”

Dogs have been used very effectively for the detection of a wide variety of things including drugs, bombs, fugitives and dead bodies – so why not bedbugs. In the USA dogs have been used to detect bedbugs for some years and are now successfully used by a few US pest control companies as an additional detection device.

Bedbug snifer dog© J & K Canine Academy, Florida, USA

In the forthcoming issue of the magazine,Pestexclusively reveals the background and training for these new pest professionals.

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