Ladykillers film crew tackle clothes moths in Nottingham

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Filming for the new four-part TV series (working title – the Ladykillers) following four female pest controllers as they visit homes and businesses across the UK, is nearing completion. One of the last problems to be tackled in the East Midlands region was an outbreak of clothes moths in Arnold, near Nottingham.

Angela Chettle-Sloan from Conquer Pest Control, better known as Ang, was filmed arriving and inspecting a beautifully kept bungalow in Arnold, which has become prey to the humble clothes moth.

Home owners Anne and Ken Steele discovered the problem when they spotted damage to a wool carpet in a spare bedroom, but the moths have also damaged some of Anne’s smart woollies as well. Their next-door neighbour, Marilyn Chadbourn, has also suffered from the same pest.

Ang did a great job helping Anne and Ken understand the pest and in dispelling some well-established myths about pest only thriving in dirty homes.

Having confirmed the problem and explained the treatment and monitoring arrangements that will be needed, she arranged to go back to apply the necessary insecticide before setting off with the film crew for Essex where a rabbit job awaited them.

The crew from KEO Films compromised David Lawrence producer, director and cameraman, Sophie Ellis assistant producer and Craig Atherton soundman, driver and general runner! These three have been working with Angela for around four weeks and there’s around two weeks left to complete the filming before editing begins. That will take another four weeks. 


Ladykillers film shoot Left to right: Marilyn Chadburn, Craig Atherton, Anne Steele, David Lawrence, Angela Chettle-Sloan, Sophie Ellis and Ken Steele

The other ladykillers involved are Janet Dixon from Kwickill in the North West, Imogen Levenson of Tufnell Park Pest Control in London and Deborah Boulton of Des Bone in Sussex.

Two other KEO Films crews, one in the North and one in the South, have been involved and they will go through a similar four week editing process before all the edits are brought together into the final programmes, under the direction of series producer Paul Durgan. That final editing process is liable to take a further four weeks.

If you add in all the research time then all in all the whole series will have taken around a year to put together.

The exact date for broadcast, which will be on BBC 2 at 8pm, has yet to be scheduled. It may be towards the end of the year or early next. The BBC has clearly invested a fair amount of licence payers money into producing the programmes although compared to a major constume drama no doubt the cost is pretty negligible.

Read more about the background to The Ladykillers series. 

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