Rentokil warns over surge in Silverfish infestations

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Rentokil has have warned over a rise in nocturnal insects that can cause extensive damage to our property.

Reports of Silverfish infestations are surging as the weather quickly gets colder, and they are coming inside to lay eggs.

Silverfish can lay 60 eggs a day, meaning one or two bugs quickly becomes an infestation, and Rentokil said that it is now responding to a high number of call-outs.

The insects move inside to see warmth and shelter – as well as food and somewhere to lay eggs – in the winter and autumn.

Silverfish eat both starch and cellulose – and they also feed on human debris such as dead skin and hair.

Homeowners are most likely to find silverfish in dark, damp, and humid areas such as bathrooms, basements, and attics.

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