Warm weather causes cockroach epidemic in Naples

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Hot weather might be something we have all almost forgotten about in the UK, but unusually hot and humid conditions in southern Italy has caused an explosion in the cockroach population in Naples, Italy’s third largest city.

Referred to as ‘large red cockroaches’ by the inhabitants of Naples, these pests have been emerging from the sewers onto the city streets and into the nearby shops and houses.

The cockroaches would appear to be American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) and generally live in moist areas, but can survive in dry areas if they have access to water. They like hot conditions (around 29°C) and frequently live in cellars and sewers, moving outdoors during warm weather – as is the case in Naples.

Pest controllers are now busily spraying sewers with insecticide to try to stem the invasion.

The infestation has reignited a debate about problems with sewer inspection and waste disposal in Naples, a mafia-linked sector that has long been beset by problems.

The local health agency director, Maurizio Scoppa, said the hot weather and the rubbish left-out overnight for early morning collection was a major contributor to the problem, whilst also pointing out that city authorities did not have enough staff to be able to carry out sewer maintenance and inspections.

Have we heard this argument somewhere else before????

To view a BBC film report click here.

As they say – every cloud has a silver lining – we in th UK are hardly likely to suffer this sort of problem at the moment!

American cockroach
The cause of all the alarm
– the American cockroach

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