Reported fox attack on two babies in East London

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Twin baby girls are reported to have been attacked by a fox as they slept in their cots at home.

According to the Daily Mail, nine-month-old Isabella and Lola Koupparis were attacked as they slept upstairs by a fox which entered their smart family home in Stoke Newington, East London.

This occurred at about 22.00 on Saturday 5 June. The fox is said to have entered the house via patio doors left open due to the hot evening. Both girls were taken to the Royal London Hospital to have wounds to both their arms and also to the eye of one of the twins attended to.

Traps were subsequently laid and a fox caught which has now been humanely dispatched by a vet.

Commenting on this event, well-known London fox control expert, Bruce Lindsay-Smith said: “I’m not surprised by this and can quite believe the story is true. Foxes are getting increasingly bold and regard people’s gardens as their own territory. With their numbers continuing to increase, this type of incident is likely to occur more and more frequently. In 2002 I was involved when a fox attacked a baby boy, Lewis Day, asleep on the settee in his family’s home. There are certainly parallels to that case.”


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