Kitten caught on rodent glue board

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The industry has been campaigning to make sticky rodent glue boards a professional use only product. If any further evidence or convincing were needed, look no further than this recent and widely reported case concerning a kitten

As reported in the Daily Mailon 3 August, a 12 week old kitten, nic-named Sticky, got itself stuck on a glue board placed to catch rats. Click here to read their report.


As quoted in the Daily Mail article, the local RSPCA welfare officer said: “Like snares and most pest control equipment, glue traps are indiscriminate. We are regularly alerted to incidents of non-target species being caught in snares and traps.Such traps are easily purchased but as with all traps can cause suffering and pain to animals.”

Is this really the sort of publicity the professional pest control industry wishes to read concerning their products?

In an attempt to prevent such incidences, the Pest Management Industry Alliance (consisting of the British Pest Control Association, the National Pest Technicians Association, the National Pest Advisory Panel and the UK Pest Controllers Organisation) has drawn together a Code of Practice for the professional pest control industry regarding the humane use of glue boards.

To read, or download, this new Code of Practice click here.

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