Rat Pack programme on the BBC – what do you think?

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Did you watch any of the six episodes of The Rat Pack on BBC 1? For six weeks pest control featured on prime time television. But what was your opinion?

There has been much debate about this series within the professional pest control industry. Were these programmes positive coverage of pest control going out to a wider audience, far from how the professional pest control industry would like to be seen – or somewhere in between?

Pesthas been researching views from both the general public and also from within the industry.

If you have an opinion, or any point you wish to make, please email the editor by clicking here.

In the next edition ofPestmagazine we will be drawing all your opinions together. We will also be speaking to Ricky Clark to find out a bit more about what went on ”behind the sences” and to see if he felt his company was correctly portrayed.

For those of you who have not seen any in the series, The Rat Pack was a series of six programmes which began on Thursday 23 July on BBC 1. They featured the exploits of brothers Jimmy and Ricky Clark of Environ Pest Control from Fulham in West London as they went about their daily pest control work. They were accompanied by their Jack Russell terrier, Charlie, who in true television style, virtually became the star of the show. 


Rat Pack
The Rat Pack – Jimmy (left), Charlie (centre) and older brother, Ricky

Rat Pack filming
Filming by Fever Media took over a year

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