Rat sightings increase in Glasgow, despite overall drop in vermin reports

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Despite figures revealing an overall drop in vermin reports, rat sightings across Glasgow have risen

A Freedom of Information request revealed the number of pigeons, rats, squirrels and mice has decreased overall since 2018.

There was, however, an increase in the number of rats spotted outside of living areas from 4,668 in 2019 to 6,065 last year.

Rodents spotted indoors declined from 1,502 to 1,339, while reports of birds or pigeons had dropped from eight to three.

The number of mice-related sightings dropped drastically from 4,222 to 1,276 and squirrels incidents also reduced from 15 to 12.

Following a binman being attacked by a rodent earlier this year, union GMB warned lockdown measures had resulted in an increase in the vermin population.

GMB Scotland organiser David Hume said: “The drop-off in reports is no surprise, given the population has been in various states of lockdown for over a year, but the story on the streets is another matter.

“Glasgow’s waste crisis is understood and clearly illustrated. We’ve said time and again Glasgow needs levelling-up and the way to tackle the waste crisis is to invest in the refuse service.”

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